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Technical Characteristics

Yarns Warp 30 tex
Weft 30 tex
Construction Warp 30 y/cm
Weft 15 y/cm
Finish Teflon
Weight 300 gr./sqm.
Tensile Strength Warp 160 DaN/5cm
Weft 90 DaN/5cm
Tear Strength Warp ca. 3,0 DaN
Weft ca. 2,5 DaN
Width cm 120
Length 60 running metre

Raw material - 100% acrylic Leacryl - Outdoor

Certification - ISO 9002

Fabric Protection - The teflon treatment on our textiles has excellent water repellency plus effective oil and grease resistance and very good resistance against emissions and pollution.

Characteristics - All our textiles are produced using acrylic fibre where 100% Leacril mass dyes guarantee the colour performance and brightness.

In standard conditions of use our textiles are guaranteed for 5 years.

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