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Information about Textile use in Blinds & Awnings.

Blind and awning cloths are high performance products. However, even given the present state of the art methods and due to requirements of environmental protection, they can only be produced to a limited degree of perfection.

In order to avoid misunderstandings regarding the quality and presentation of our products and in the context of accurate consumer information, we would draw your attention to the following potential fabric properties:

1. Wrinkles
Occur during fabrication and folding of blind cloths. This may occur especially with bright colours causing certain effects on the surface of the cloth in the wrinkled area (dislocation of pigments) which may look darker (like stripes of dust) when seen against the light. They do not alter the value and useability of the blind.

2. Chalk Effect
Brighter stripes occurring on finished products during fabrication which cannot always be totally avoided, even with great care.

3. Water Resistance
Acrylic sunblind cloths are treated with a water repellent impregnation and resist a light, short shower. The sunblinds are sufficiently inclined (at least 15%) so that the rainwater can run off. For heavier or persistent showers the blinds must be rolled up in order to prevent damage. Blinds which have been rolled up in a wet state should be unrolled to dry as soon as possible.

4. Undulations
May occur in trim and sewing zones of the web due to the layer structure of the fabric and due to the different winding thicknesses of the roller tube. The resulting tensions in the fabric may cause this effect.

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